Monday, June 3, 2013

Snakes and Cookies

For anyone who thinks I live under the constant threat of death by venomous snake bite, I present you with a picture of only the second snake I've seen here at St. Fidelis:

Though it should be noted that this was taken just outside of my back door.

The largest snake I've seen so far was not here, but in the highlands. This brown constrictor (of some sort) was just hanging out in a tree at eye level just outside of a friary. The friars speculated that it must have been going after the mice who live in the attic. The local cats are "scared" of the mice so rarely go after them. Even if it was doing the friars a favor, it had the bad luck of being spotted shortly before Sunday Mass and attracted a large crowd. Someone eventually took the step of killing the snake. Whether they kill mice or not, whether it's poisonous or not, people in general tend to just not like snakes.

This was taken in Pangia, SHP, which coincidentally is the home
"ples" (place) of the current Prime Minister Peter O'Neil 

As most expat residents of Madang will tell you, we are all probably far more likely to die of falling coconuts than of a snake bite.

Finally, since my last post I was visited by some Ukarumpa friends. They left some chocolate chips with me, which were able to make their way into cookies rather quickly: