Monday, November 18, 2013

End of Year One

Well the school year here at St. Fidelis is officially over and has been for a full week. In that time, I’ve mostly been relaxing and reading. I have even spent some time making some preliminary decisions about curriculum for next year. The goal will be for me to teach some new classes that will kind of be made up from scratch so I would like to do most of the planning work for that over the break. I have also been pouring over some copies of the PNG Lonely Planet guidebook. How much adventure do I want? Where should I go this break?


 After a sizable hiatus I finished reading A Picture of Dorian Gray. I also read a delightful collection of short stories by Graham Greene (in a penguin paperback that collected three different volumes of his short stories), and am nearing completion of The Plague, by Albert Camus. There’s a large selection of the sort of books one reads in high school literature classes in the school library—I may be diving into a number of them in the coming weeks.