Monday, October 20, 2014

And There It Goes

So even though I already claimed that finally having regular internet access led to a paradoxical decrease in blogging, it is also true that having no to minimal internet access over the past few months had the same result. Some time in July our internet system installed at the school stopped working. We were eventually told that it was our job to extend our antenna tower by three meters so that it could work again. This has still not happened. But in mid August I went up to the highlands. When I returned, my laptop refused to start and it has persisted in that refusal. I am now borrowing a usb modem that is usable on a desktop in our office.

"Detoxing" from the internet has its advantages. I have found ways to check email and figure out travel plans...and have also inevitably realized how little "essential" business I actually need the internet for. 

And now I'm facing a home stretch. Three weeks to the end of the school year here. Four weeks until I leave PNG. I feel a bit more ready to go than I had expected to be. While in many ways I actually feel quite comfortable and at home here, it is also true that I feel ready to go "home" (which now appears to be a Hawaiian island that I've never really been to before). I have lived with the small strains of living cross-culturally here far more than I did in expat dominated Ukarumpa. I'm ready for some debriefing. More than that I'm ready to see family. And it wouldn't hurt to eat some Mexican food. 

For the next couple weeks, though, my life will be dominated by purple pieces of paper smeared with white. The paper is purple because a frugal rector of St Fidelis bought a massive container of assorted paper at a rock bottom price some time in the last millennium. We are still using this paper, but as you can imagine the thin, purple paper wasn't the first to get used. Our students are also enthusiastic about correction fluid. In typical PNG fashion, white out pens are passed, shared, and borrowed with incredible frequency. I've even given up trying to stop the practice during tests. The fact that the paper is not white doesn't seem to deter anyone. In short, I will be giving and grading tests and papers. Most of them will be purple with irregularly placed spots of white spread across them. I will try my best to revel in it and enjoy it. Who knows when I may have such an opportunity again! 

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